Your letters I
We are very pleased that our previous entries, our reflections on topics that are so important to you and us, were widely echoed. You write to us on priv. We understand it perfectly. Everyone just needs to talk sometimes. Today we share with you one of the letters...
Your letters I
Hello! We are very pleased that our previous entries, our reflections on topics that are so important to you and to us, have had a wide impact. You write to us on priv. We understand it perfectly. Everyone just needs to talk sometimes.

Today we would like to share with you one of the letters that we received... It made a great impression on us. Kinga, thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights with us. We invite all of you and encourage you to contact us. Go ahead and write what is on your heart, what annoys you and what gives you joy! Together it's easier!
Have a good day for all of you and enjoy reading. Be careful.

Together means "together." Recent months in which our life and talks revolved around the verdict of the Constitutional Tribunal required us to take sides and be "together" - with the protesters, against the verdict or supporting it. This "together" was one of the greatest social movements in recent years, when hundreds of thousands of people in smaller and larger towns took to the streets and decided to show their disagreement together - this event is much more significant in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, in which we actually stayed forced to close the door to each other.

Regardless of our worldview, faith and political sympathies, in recent months and even years life in Poland has been going on in a way that divides us more than unites us. Hate and aggression rule in the social space - whoever you are, be careful!
Maybe for some you are Janusz or Grażyna? Or Karyna? Or maybe madka? Young and childless people also do not have a reduced fare - maybe you are Julka? Yes, really, this word can be offensive too.

Do you support LGBT? Or maybe you belong to this group yourself? It requires no comment anymore! Are you for women's rights? You feminist! Are you a Pisior or a leftist? Or maybe mohair and follower of Rydzyk? A supporter of a Union that wants to deprive us of our sovereignty and rob us, or maybe a supporter of the Kremlin? And do you remember Smolensk?

Apart from the political views, it can certainly be said that the greatest rule in our country is exercised by ... aggression and lack of respect for each other. And the extremes we find in each other. There is no conversation and dialogue. Spaces to calmly explain your reasons and learn the reasons of others. There is no respect.

We easily proclaim and repeat opinions, unfortunately there is no mediation and... knowledge. Socially important topics that influence legislation and policy should be addressed openly, in dialogue with the public, public benefit organizations, researchers and scientists - and - with scientific knowledge and the perspective of legal instruments or coping strategies for the same problem by other countries. Easy, cool and in time that would allow a real solution to the problem. This is what democracy is all about and such democracy, in practice, we wish you and yourself very much.

The enormous polarization of society is something that will not help anyone. It flares up conflicts, both large, nationwide, and smaller, family ones. We cannot convince ourselves that the policy does not apply to us, that we are not interested in it. We may not be interested in it, but politics is interested in us - which has clearly struck us in recent months.

Unfortunately, the current political situation is not only a matter of one problem, one ideological conflict. Recent months and years have shown us that the stakes are much higher. It is about free and independent courts, non-politicized media, our place in a united Europe and our already well-shaken economy. It is about equality of all before the law (including the criminal law), for fundamental human rights and, finally, for the rule of law. These are values ​​and principles worth standing in an equal row.

And humanly speaking, we hope that rolling foam from the mouth will not soon be our national hallmark. Together - together, but not in a fight against each other, but for a good cause.