Africa around Europe... part II
We love visiting new places, meeting people, spending time with them, discovering their culture, customs, and sometimes just like that, being together. We can't wait to hit the road again. Meanwhile, we are sharing with you another part of Kuba Nowak's report...
Africa around Europe... part II
Ok, where did I end?

Well, yesterday at 3 am.
Michał wakes me up at the crack of dawn, at 9:00 am.
I don't know where I am. After a long moment, I realize that I am in a Serbian two-star palace made of plastic and regipse. Not bad. We have breakfast included in the price, but Michał comes back sour. He is a vegetarian, and there is only a meat hedgehog and some cheese. Not a slice of tomato, not even a leaf of parsley. There is a bomb for me.

I landed in Borowets, the local Zakopane. I sleep well on motorway flights, and finally the reception rings and shyly wakes up the Polish badger. I leave Africa in the parking lot and go looking for feed.

At the grill bar, I order pleskawica, fries with feta (homemade) and a shop salad. Szopska is an extremely simple dish, but in the original it tastes amazing. Vegetables seem to have more sun here, they are very juicy and always served cold. And of course the coffee - very good.

I look at the bill three times because I can't believe so little has turned out.Africa around Europe... part III open the maps and lay a route near the southern border. I fire up the equipment, I'm on my way. I drive through the sunken mountain villages, after all, that's what it was all about from the beginning. I enter a road that runs along some river valley. I like it so much that I ignore the navigation directions and go straight uphill - in the end, I will not leave the planet.

I go over the upper edge of the forest and see only red, mountain ridges. Amazing SPACES! The road leads me to a large alpine lake - I am in the heart of the Rila Mountains. It is a pity that the camera does not work... Due to the lack of gasoline, I turn back and go to civilization.

After refueling, I take turns, and after one of them I enter a land where winter never comes to permanently. The rocks are copper-colored, the forests are shorter and thinner. I hit a long piece of new and even asphalt. No movement, I hit the pace, winch by a chain. The sun is setting, a warm wind blows in the mouth - you don't need anything else to be happy. Nirvana!

It is already twilight and I am going to the desired night. All the same, I drive into the center of the Gypsy camp. It looks like a settlement of Star Wars aliens somewhere at the end of the galaxy. Mud huts, there are fires everywhere, a stench, and the road is blocked with the old Transit. I'm going in a slalom among the kids yelling something at me, looking around to see if the stones are flying. Somehow I avoid it all, but at the exit of the camp, the last kid is gliding right under the wheels from the slope above the road. Slides down so on purpose, on something much bigger than him. Somehow it slows down. And they can already see what the home-grown bobsleigh is using. It's a Mercedes bumper... I'm finally getting to my destination. I spend the night at Vacko's, in a beautiful old house, literally suspended on a steep slope. It is beautiful, it has its own soul. He gets supper entirely of what is growing in the village and what is rushing. Dainty!

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