To be a student...
The time of study is exceptional. This is a new beginning for many. It's often a move to a larger foreign city. It's a bit of a first step into adulthood... This time gives us a lot of possibilities. New acquaintances, contacts, meeting people...
To be a student...
Studies are an amazing period. A time of great fun, often the first duties and independence. Most people use this time to get through five years and then complain about the job market, politics and the world.

Of course, there are also people who use their studies 100%. Not only for partying, but also to embrace your life and be ahead after five years. I remember today my first day in Krakow - September 30, unaware of anything, I moved into a dingy tenement house in Kleparz with a homeless person living in a cage. Mum was terrified by the condition of the apartment we rented. The greatest adventure of my life has begun.

I think that I used 100% of my study time. I was not a diligent student, on the contrary - I ignored lectures, exercises, darkened and combined, but in the right faith. In the meantime, I founded and developed a company, learned a "trade" that would give me a lot, visited several countries, worked in a student organization, developed a widely read blog and fulfilled a dozen dreams. I have gained valuable experience that cannot be converted into years.

With a clear conscience I present to you the entry: "7 things you must do in college", because I think that I got the most out of this time. If you are just starting your student life - read carefully. Do you know someone to whom you wish well on your new way of life? Send him this article.

1. Get to know people

The truth is, connections are power. You may be a genius, but if you don't know the people who can help you get out, then unfortunately you won't make it. Studies are a period when you can meet a lot of people. The best part is that these relationships are casual. Later, when you get to know someone, in some circumstances, there is always some interest in such relationships, and during your studies you meet people "simply". Pure friendships are formed, with no business. Think that someday these people will work somewhere, do something interesting in life. You will meet them on your way more than once. Your future life depends on what relationships you build during your studies.

2. Travel.

Travel as much as possible. As a student, you have a ton of discounts, student programs, exchanges, and other wonders on the stick that most gray college kids don't know about. Just rummage around, search and you can drive your ass for half free. Time is another matter. The older you get, the worse it gets. I see it for myself over the course of five years. In my first year, I had no responsibilities. Now I go away a little less often, and when I go, I have to prepare the world for my absence. I look at my older friends and I'm afraid it will get worse. So far, I am effectively defending myself with my hands and feet, but who knows :) Sure, but just think it gets worse. If you don't use your time now, it won't happen later.

I have already written about how to travel cheaply and cleverly use the option of being a student.

3. Combine. Combining

is one of the things I learned in my studies. I will not darken - I did not study well and missed classes. The 4th and 5th year of studies is one big absence. I showed up at the university one day, went to all the professors, told them what I was doing (company, blog, travels), humbly asked for forgiveness for my absence and penance in the form of the obligation to make up the material. Then I would go home, sit down, study, and complete the whole semester in one week.

Lecturers are also people and it was always possible to get along honestly and even make friends. With some of the lecturers, I happened to go out for a beer, coffee or just talk for several dozen minutes about travels and trips. Some of them even read this blog and probably this entry

:) Of course, there were also "wall people". The Wall Man is a lecturer who wasn't affected by my charms. For example, I remember that I was passing English for 7 months. But it worked, because a person can stand anything - except an egg.

When it comes to combining, you cannot forget about the dean's office. My lady from the dean's office was simply wonderful. At the end, she even got the "Life Is Beautiful" patch. Everything could be arranged. It is not possible! May did not attend classes for the entire semester and did not pass the session? No problem: “Mr. Michał, here you have a piece of paper and a pen, please write an application for annual settlement. You will give this session in the next semester ”. I was walking, telling what the problem was and getting an idea for a solution.

My advice: If you do not have great scientific ambitions, do not plan to become the chancellor of your university, oil it. Learn as little as possible, and use your time for other things that will be more useful to you in your life, for example…

4. Experience

Believe me, 5 years of study are going pretty damn fast. Most end this wonderful period and suddenly wake up with a hand in the potty. Because there is no job, you have to go to some hopeless internship, no money... how to live here?

Man is able to bear anything - except an egg.
Studying is a great time to gain valuable experience. You have tons of internships, student organizations, and other options for collecting skills. Build this fucking CV because you will need it someday. Remember that you never work for free! I came to Krakow and the first job I found was cleaning the basement. I was so hopeless I couldn't catch anything better. Later I found my way to AEGEE-Kraków, where I developed my graphic talents. In my second year of studies, I already found a job as a graphic designer. I was working and I was a bit nervous because I was basically earning pennies and what it took me 6 hours there I was able to do in 2.

As a result, I offered them to work remotely. So it happened, and a few months later I started my business. It was one of the best decisions of my life. It was damn difficult, we did our first projects for dog money, but it was my child. There was no option to give it up. Today it is still not colorful, but the comfort of using your time is priceless. Satisfied customers recommend us further and we do not complain about the lack of work. Luxury. Recently I realized that I will never be unemployed! I did a lot, I have interesting and useful skills and contacts. I think that if I were looking for a job now, it would be enough if I posted info on Facebook and the robot would find me by itself. Luxury.

5. Do crazy things

Students will be forgiven for anything. Youth needs its time and must flourish a little. When will you do crazy things? At 40 and with two kids? Exactly, so enjoy your studies. I have a lot of different memories from trips or events. Some I have to keep for myself only, but when I remember them, a huge banana appears on my face. Oh, how wonderful it will be in a dozen or so years to meet the same people and remember the times when we were young and stupid.

If you don't get crazy when you are young, it will start to do when you get old.

6. Take care of yourself

I don't know why, but most people go to college and feel like a Labrador unleashed. The sight of vodka and a few bottles of beer makes them feel like a monkey. Sure, the parties are important (see point above), but not 7 times a week. This moderation must be somewhere, because there is a limit beyond which it becomes unhealthy. You cannot forget to take care of yourself - in many respects. Firstly, in the physical aspects such as running, football, gym, crossfit or others, and secondly, in the mental aspect. Develop yourself! Go to the cinema sometimes, read a book, listen to different music than usual, learn a new skill, learn something interesting. Believe me, beer tastes completely different after doing something ambitious.

7. Learn to grasp your finances

"What are you saying, Maja - what finances, if I have no money at all?". Exactly - you don't, because you don't understand them. Learn to save. If you don't learn it on a small budget, the amount of money won't change anything. You really don't need much. Think what you want to buy. How about a trip? Ok, let there be a trip… to Morocco, for example. You sit down in front of the computer and count how much you will need. Then you think how much you need to save each month and… you just do it.

With time, you will start to combine with some additional work, etc., because I know from experience that if someone has a taste for saving and earning their own money, then they will not see another option later.

Sounds hard right? How do you do all of this at the same time? I have no idea how I did it, but I know I did it. 5 years passed very quickly. I finished these fucking studies almost within the prescribed time (a few months slump), additionally I finished one postgraduate studies, started my business, made a dozen or so big trips, created this blog, met great people, and accumulated countless good memories in my head. During this time I also matured, learned responsibility and somehow became independent.To be a student...