Confessions and reflections... part IV
Sometimes it happens that you want to share your thoughts with others. Get to know the opinion of others... maybe someone thinks like you... maybe you are not alone with your thoughts... Feel free to delve into my thoughts... Maybe I'm not alone either.
Confessions and reflections... part IV
I'm coming back after a week's break, recently we shared with you a letter we received, and today... me again. A controversial topic, arousing a lot of extreme emotions, overinterpretation resulting from not reading the entire message, misunderstanding, etc... Tolerance ... have you recently had the impression that tolerance and correctness are beginning to reach the limits of absurdity? That people lose their distance from each other, resent everything and everything? And this is what winds up this spiral even more and leads to extreme situations? That it is only used for personal gain.

Consider these two situations. Recently, I heard a story about a match somewhere. It was not a game of famous teams, but probably in France. Apparently there was a situation in which many players took part (several white and one black - can I use it or will someone be offended?). The main referee was not sure who was at fault and who should get the card, so he ran to ask the supporters ... you know, the match, time flies, everyone is emotional, quick decisions, because on the pitch, every second can determine the fate of the match, about a missed opportunity by changing the players' positions etc... The assistant judge quickly reacted and indicated "the black one" as guilty - because as soon as possible, indicate a man without knowing his name or number (because it is a little-known league)? By its distinguishing features. It is obvious that he will not describe "the one in yellow laces, with ombre on his hair and pink collar..." This player heard this and started calling the judge from racists, it seems that earlier insults were also flew towards the judge, but of course this was nobody took over. And finally the players got offended and left the field... If the situation was as presented to me, I personally see absolutely nothing racist in it, but only using this fact to avoid a penalty (card) and gain benefits for myself. Imagine the same situation if there were more dark skinned and one fair skinned. After selecting "this white" nobody would care, the match would go smoothly on, without undue delay. What is at the root of this type of oversensitivity? Why is the term "white" okay and "black" not anymore, doesn't it suggest that these people have some kind of conflict with themselves and a problem with acceptance. If I were to take offense at being called "white", it would mean that I consider myself inferior and the problem is with me, not with the people who state the facts (of course, we are not talking about the offensive terms that I will not). Yes, of course, there are attacks, but no one goes into the circumstances and the whole thing, only the slogan "was attacked" counts in the media because people will swallow it, it does not matter that the allegedly "attacked" person had a lot on his conscience, and direct coercion was used, because there was no other option, because polite asking did not help. Again, media coverage will be given to the case of one policeman who may have wanted to take offense (and did not have the right to do so), but thousands of other cases will remain silent, because normality does not interest anyone. It doesn't matter to the media, when more dark-skinned attacks are on dark-skinned, it matters where white attacks…. You can not even imagine how I hate the modern, unreliable media, which instead of passing the facts immediately give us what we should think about it, magazines with these catchy, dramatic titles... The media has enormous power, and people like pelicans swallow whatever they want will give...

The second situation... The film industry, there the absurd follows the absurd, the correctness has already exceeded these limits... only in the name of parities. Competences ceased to count, predispositions ceased to count... you just have to hire someone who is dark-skinned, because he is dark-skinned, you need to hire someone with a different orientation just because he has a different orientation. While running a company, I cannot imagine that someone would force me to do something like that as an employer. I choose people based on their competences, period. I cannot imagine hiring someone who is unfit for a given job just because there is one… or else they will scream about discrimination. I cannot imagine making a film about 16th France and employing a dark-skinned actor, since there were no dark-skinned people there at that time. I can't imagine turning the Ghostbusters into women or the character of Aladdin into a dark-skinned one just because… well, why. The author of these works created them this way, the fact that there are no specific characters in them does not mean that they are discriminatory… Following this path, you will have to hire one piece for each production, it will be nicely multicultural, but completely unrealistic and distorted. I love Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, I love films with them, but in the roles they fit, not in the roles they would be cast by force, just that it was politically correct. And in companies... I wonder if if black-box tests were performed (checking the candidate for a position without knowing what gender, color, orientation, etc... etc...) there would still be so much screaming about discrimination...

Why is history starting to come full circle, why people dark-skinned people start to think that someone wants to make slaves of them and underestimates them? And instead of showing their competences (as the above-mentioned actors did) they prefer to shout loudly that they are discriminated against and thus get a job from so, avoid responsibility... myself. Maybe the series was too strong at times, but there was a distance to everything, there was no offense at every word. Today... this series would definitely not pass, because half of the world would be offended.

Yes, I am for tolerance, I have no problem with it, I have all sorts of friends, people of different faith and skin color, we get along very well and they have a similar opinion. Today, the use of the word "discrimination" has become a weapon that helps with everything, even if it is illogical. Going further in this direction, we will lead to a situation in which fear will tell us something, because we will offend someone else by the fact that we breathe. Let's respect each other, live with each other normally, without extremes, because recently more and more of them in our world.