Confessions and reflections... part III
Sometimes it happens that you want to share your thoughts with others. Get to know the opinion of others... maybe someone thinks like you... maybe you are not alone with your thoughts... Feel free to delve into my thoughts... Maybe I'm not alone either.
Confessions and reflections... part III
Another somewhat personal article, me as a human, as a citizen and as a member of the To Get There team… of this quiet, calm, composed person, by some people called an oasis of peace. This is another post when I think, look and wonder how to relate to the events that are happening around us, present you a different point of view, and maybe extend a helping virtual hand to some of them and help you survive it... bypassing politics... but it's a difficult task . Politics has penetrated so deeply into all aspects of our lives that it is hard to ignore. The worst part, however, is that sometimes I have the feeling that I think longer about what bread to buy than some people think about decisions that will affect all of us.

Today, therefore, about education, which for me, for us as a foundation, is extremely important. Education is something that may not bring noticeable results today or tomorrow, but it will do it in 10, 20 years... Education is something that shapes future Poles, our children, prepares them to enter adulthood and communicates certain values ​​next to their parents. world view and beliefs. Education is something that should work with the greatest independence factor, it should be free of all manifestations of prejudice, stigmatization, pressure or personal beliefs than all the rest of politics as such. The role of education and learning is not to evangelize or persuade you to be right, but only to impart knowledge. Pure, substantive knowledge and its practical applications.

For me, as a person connected to some extent with science, the current way of conducting Polish education is very disturbing, to put it so delicately. All (okay, maybe not as much as 100%) messages coming from the lips of the person managing Polish education are a contradiction of the essence of science. The essence of developing, training, deepening and updating your knowledge and skills. It is unacceptable to intimidate universities, teachers or students themselves with sanctions, because they show different political or any other views. This is not the role of the free State's education system. Of course, maybe behind the aggressive and critical attitude of the rulers there is some mechanism of denial, of not letting oneself know that something is being done wrong, but this is not for me to judge. It is unacceptable to mix religion and force it to children at any cost. In Poland, the majority are still Catholics, but unfortunately you have to accept it and, above all, respect that faith is something personal (as I have already written about) and atheists and followers of other faiths live among us... and attention... they are not monsters or beasts, against whom the crusade must be waged. Religion should therefore not take place in compulsory school classes, it should not be included in the canon of compulsory reading, which, by the way, should be refreshed. I understand the admiration of great Polish poets, but the knowledge of their existence is sufficient for life, if we want to encourage children to read, they must be contemporary books, written in a modern language. I bet that if a great bestseller appeared on the reading list, it would be read more willingly, children's language skills would increase, as would memory, analytical skills (you have to study history), etc. for their works. Forcing children to read something they are not interested in, which is written in an incomprehensible language, will only discourage them from reading in general, and the book… at best, a summary will be read.

I am a bit of a scientist, I have my favorite subject, which is generally considered difficult, but nothing prevents me from passing it on in a modern, friendly way that makes life easier for all of us, especially children. A way that goes with the times and is practical. School, university... education... it is not a place for personal beliefs and views no matter what they are, it is a place of learning that is devoid of them, focuses on facts, impartial... facts... because education is the future, not the past...